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Why ????

Posted by Jerry on 13:00 - February 10, 2007

Walking past the bodies of Iraqi soldiers, a member of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team asks quitely, “Why do we do these things to one another?”


2004 – Pulitzer Prize – Breaking News Photography


photo 14



photo 10



photo 20



photo 12


photo 6


photo 4



2005 – Pulitzer Prize – Breaking News Photography


photo 5


photo 3


photo 19


photo 13


photo 11


2002 – Pulitzer Prize – Breaking News Photography


photo 2


photo 11


photo 13


photo 19


photo 9


photo 10


2000 – Pulitzer Prize – Breaking News Photography


the scream


two kids embrace


friends embrace


kids on rachel scott's car


we are columbine


girl weeps walking by casket


crosses on the hill



70 Responses to “Why ????”

  1. Corey said


  2. anne said

    I was caught by the slogan Why do we do this to eachother? Please dont tell me we have spent billions of dollars to kill the people of Iraq and only spent 3 million to find out what REALLY happened on 9/11. This does not add up in anyway, shape of from. Killing is WRONG. PERIOD. What we are doing to the children of Iraq is WRONG. PERIOD.
    The people of Iraq are not that different from us.
    They are made of blood and bone, love their families deeply and celibrate life, morn death. Who gives us the power to kill them like dogs in an over crouded shelter?

  3. Suz-Anne Midgett said

    The title says it all. Painful photos.

  4. Those photographs are breathtaking. Truly leave me speechless.

  5. talullah said

    Extremely painful.

    God be with us.

  6. nate said

    killing people is just weird.

  7. Thanks for the poignant pics. All of these made me cry.

  8. agingchild said

    Deeply touching, my friend; thanks for the photos. The next-to-last — young woman crying by a coffin — nearly broke my heart.

    Single complaint is the juxtaposition of wrenching 9/11 shots, since (last time I checked) it was not Iraq that attacked us that morning. Oh, that’s right — George II used our wound and grief and numbness as a springboard for his and Uncle Chain-me’s agenda. Nice going, sir.

    George: did you see that blood? It’s on your hands. How many tens of thousands of lives, sir? May God have mercy on you… and may history *not*. Amen.

  9. savedr said

    These are so beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time.

  10. erik said

    my dad nearly died
    that day scared me to death
    thanks for the pics, made me remember how scared everyone was, and how horribble it was
    heartbreaking and awe-inspiring

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  12. Grow Up said

    Grow up and stop using every single opportunity to criticize our President. How do you feel about the Iraqi’s killed by President Clinton? It’s okay as long as the President’s name is followed by a “D” right? You partisanship makes me puke.

    The sooner you and your ilk realize there are ALOT of evil people in the world who are at this moment planning your demise, the greater the likelihood that you will actually survive this war on the West.

    You would make Neville Chamberlain blush at you desire to avoid conflict at any cost.

  13. Yes, these are indeed heart-wrenching images.
    Thank God we have a President with the courage to take on the people that cause such misery and suffering, and for putting Saddam’s mass grave diggers out of work.

  14. Robert D said

    A much needed reminder (to some) that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE.

  15. Jon said



    That’s just tortured. The photos are beautiful, but it’s a despairing beauty. This is why we need to end the War in Iraq right now.

  16. Why do we do this? Simple falling prey to our baser instincts. The desire for revenge, in-group/out-group, power…, the list goes on.

  17. Mercy

  18. Dave said

    Bush is a murderer. “Grow up”, my partisanship may make you puke, but your partisanship makes you blind.

  19. blessed1 said

    These are beautiful shots, but so sad! We live in sad times.

  20. cherikooka said

    Thought provoking, sad, many questions without answers. Death should be natural, not invoked.

  21. gamini said

    Yes, seen all these combat photographs, death and destruction, I often wonder that myself.

  22. nobody wins in a war. everybody knows that. and yet…

    the photos are too much to take in sunday morning but nevertheless striking. thanks.

  23. dbmp505 said

    wow talk about telling stories with photos…

  24. Dan said

    Wow, powerful post… I hate war, nobody deserves to go through it.

  25. ceeque said

    Very poignant, very moving set of photos. Killing ourselves is not the answer, we as human beings need to start looking at things very differently…..

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  27. poetoflife said

    Some of those pictures really touched me. Thanks for posting!

  28. Rosemary said

    Because they hate…

  29. forchilli said

    amazing photos.

  30. silkboard said

    amazing and moving photos Jerry. had seen one or two of them before, not all.

  31. hanz said

    great photo

  32. Touching photos. They should serve as a solemn reminder to both never take war lightly, but also that enemies of our nation still exist today, and we cannot allow them and their cohorts (Hussein’s Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea, etc.) to continue their killings of innocent people and plottings against our nation. Don’t ever tell yourself that the enemy won’t kill you in a heartbeat; that’s what the French and British thought in WWII.

    “He who does not learn from history is destined to repeat it.”
    – A man far wiser than either you or I.

  33. spvn said

    why do we do this to one another?

    “The objective of war is not to die for your country. It’s to make the other bastard die for his country.” – General Patton

  34. Jer said

    Very touching, why can’t we love one another?

  35. Lauren said

    Some one needs to get this to George W. Bush … the war in Iraq just needs to end!! You are right … it is rediculous and the wars that occur every day right in our own backyards!

    Thank you for your post!

  36. edytka said

    so sad… so many people die…

  37. incoddnito said

    its called nature folks,the only possible thing humans can let it be,and respect .but after all this bad things happening hopefully we can trust nature again ..

  38. Hi
    Great looking site, I’ll check back regularly. The photos are a stark reminder that war is devastating. We must not allow men with guns to bring the world to the brink of destruction. There is a latent movement in the U.S. to impeach either the president or the vice-president. Something must be done if Mr. Bush continues to threaten a wider war with Iran.

  39. We can’t love one another because man is sinful.

    “they say, peace, peace, but there is no peace.”
    – the God over all

  40. Dave said

    I think we do this because we let other people tell us what to believe. It’s only after we do what they tell us to, do we realize that what we’ve done is hurtful to others and ourselves. We need to first think more clearly about what it is that others are trying to get us to do by telling us what to believe. Maybe I’m too cynical, but I think that most leaders throughout history, both religious and political, don’t want what’s best for all of us, but they want to find the way to get us to give them what they want, for their own needs.

  41. Bob Kinne said

    pictures made me cry. some sorrows never go away. thank you to all our soldiers & their families.

  42. Chinedu said

    We do this to one another because some jackasses voted for Bush.

  43. #42-LOL!
    If those who voted for the previous President, the Horny Hick, had held him to a higher standard, the threats President Bush had to face would have been much different.

  44. peakaction said

    no2liberals, since your child-president has taken office, we are at a shameful low. We’re broke, the whole world hates us even more than I thought was possible, and our troops are spread too thin trying to fight a pointless war that was waged on the basis of lies and fear propaganda. His approval rating is in the toilet, and even many of his Republican cohorts have called him the worst president this country has ever seen.

    In the amount of time that it has taken the US government to make a soupy mess out of our situation in Iraq, one war in one country, the allied commanders of WW II were able to face down and defeat many aggressors that were spread the world over.

    Think of it. In the same amount of time that we’ve been losing brave warriors in Iraq, with nary any progress, the Allies were able to wage war – and WIN – against the Axis powers across Europe, the USSR, North Africa, the Middle East, and the entire Pacific Theatre. Face it – the current administration has made a MOCKERY of themselves and our ideals. They are FAILURES and CRIMINALS.

    I am ashamed to admit that I voted for Bush in the first election, but proud to say that I did NOT vote for him in the second.

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  46. tobibeer said

    I am a German deeply touched by these pictures as hopefully everyone else seeing them is.

    I have 2 suggestions:
    1) point these images out to your army(‘s leaders and members) as well as to your ‘enemies’
    2) get yourselves together and make an effort to unseat your shameful leadership

    I think the US as a nation needs to learn that one leader and his small clique of single minded ensigns are neither to rule a nation, nor the world! Democracy is a process where everyone, not just leaders, not just representatives, not just voters, but everyone in societies has a say in what is right and is asked to take that responsibility.

    So please learn, that you are not alone in the world and get a bit more conscious about how your economy, as much as our European, exploits less developed countries to use their resources to allow for ‘affordable prices’ and margins for their own people! When you stop that, you start taking responsibility, not just for yourself, not for your nation or it’s flag, not for ‘international alliances’ like the WTO, but for the people in the world.

    And one more thing, try to keep religious concepts out of it. If either ever existed as believed by so many, you are not the spokesmen of God or Jesus. Stop to reinterpret old beliefs and start to act like responsible humans that do can overcome being egocentric and fearful (which is quite an awkward combination).

    One last thing, as for me ‘terror’ is a word that should be banned from dictionaries. Even if it means a lot, it doesn’t say much and totally seems to disregard origins. Replace actions with questions and the search for answers. No need for war.

    Sorry for the endless comment.

  47. fiveo said

    There are those who believe that this is God’s will… More like the delusions of the sheep…

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  49. lauren said

    I can’t BELIEVE you associate 911 with the War in Iraq, you are shameless, producing the washed over belief that we are in Iraq because of terrorists. Those dead soldiers grief over you.

  50. tobibeer said

    Dear lauren, how could there not be an association between 911 and the war in iraq?

    If the war in Iraq is not related to the nowadays allegedly ubiquitous ‘threat of terrorism’, then what?

    It was the very pretention of the US President to invade so called “rouge nations” for the sake of defeating terrorism.

    The whole bloody world took up on this ‘progressive-defensive’ stance instead of making clear that war is not the solution, neither for terrorism, nor for injustice, nor for 911.

    You take it out on the wrong people here.
    Please reconsider.

  51. I see the media spin of the time in Iraq has exceeded the time in WWII has infected some here. Such a silly comparison. The actual war in Iraq lasted twenty three days, while WWII lasted three and a half years. We are engaged in nation building, and helping the Iraqi government secure their nation and win the peace. It took us longer to accomplish that in Germany or Japan, and in fact we are still in those countries as allies, and both nations have prospered, and are responsible members of the world community.
    If those who seem truly concerned about the welfare and suffering of others would support the GWOT and our troops, the enemy would not have the lack of will by the American people to bolster them, as was done during Vietnam. That so many could turn their backs on the Iraqi people at a time like this is truly astounding, and shows a lack of humanity and amoral insensitivty that belies any statement of compassion for the suffering of others. The lack of will shown with Vietnam produced a cut and run approach, that resulted in the deaths of millions after our troops were removed from a winnable war, and many millions of others that survived have been doomed to life in repressive communist nations. If the anti-war effort in this country succeeds, and we are forced to cut and run, I shudder to think how many millions of Iraqis will perish, and what will become of the middle east. Don’t think for an instant that Saudi Arabia, and other Sunni nations are going to allow Iran to control this region.

  52. unpat said

    SUPPORT THE WAR OF TERROR! Bow to the New American Empire! The best defence is OFFENSE!

    Death to anyone who I am told is my enemy!

    America is the new Rome. You can help prove it to the world!

    All you have to do is believe.

    Pick a “side” and keep your eyes closed tight. Red or blue are the only choice.
    Shout louder than the opposition and cling to the hope that your opinion isn’t worthless.

    Greed > Creed
    Profit > Patriotism


    Believ e.

    Be LIE ve.

  53. Some people are quite misinformed. no2liberals, you are completely right about your last post. Something I’ve noticed that’s interesting. All you libs out there, answer this? What is your plan. Sure you want us to leave Iraq. But then what? What if another attack comes? What if your brother or sister or father or mother gets killed? Are you going to say: “I don’t believe in war, it’s taking too many innocent lives.” What if you were from Iraq. What if you had your hand cut off because you disagreed with the dictator’s opinion? What if you were in Iran and your wife was raped and tortured and beaten because she didn’t follow Shariah law? Despite whatever you may say, talk is cheap. And you spineless, gutless cowards would be begging the U.S. to come and save you. Nothing personal against anybody, but the people who have this “if we just talked to them maybe they will be nice mindset” are the ones taking this nation straight down the tubes. Make no mistake, if terrorists are allowed to run free, then they will come here, and they will not talk to you. They will say “you must die, you do not follow Allah.” You will say “I don’t want to die.” Terrorist: “you’re are going to die.” you: just take an arm, will that make you happy. terrorist: no, you die!!!! you: okay, fine an arm and a leg, and five million dollars. them: you die.

    Make no mistake. Evil is real, and those who are evil will kill you. You ought to be so thankful that Bin Laden didn’t attack when Clinton was in the White House. He wouldn’t have been reading to kids and he wouldn’t have spoke to the nation that fast. He would have been playing golf. Yeah, folks, playing golf. That’s what he was doing when the Saudis offered Bin Laden to us on a silver platter. They lost Bin Laden because he was too busy and wouldn’t stop his golf game for five minutes to give the order to take him out.

    Also, for the record, when something is in quotes, that’s exactly what was said. I wasn’t being God’s spokesperson, I was quoting him. In context.

  54. By the way, only three thousand American soldiers have died in Iraq. Every loss is trajic. But in every single major war the United States has fought in to this point, the U.S. lost more than that in most individual battles. Way more.

    The insurgency and terrorists have lost more than a hundred thousand.

  55. thebonesniffer said

    Thank God we have idiots like you to tell us “how it really is.”

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  57. tobibeer said

    Please have a look at ‘thelonedrifter’s blog witorwisdom. Then you know where this guy is coming from or even worse, where he’s heading at. And don’t forget to leave a comment or two.

  58. I love comments…🙂

  59. Nancy said

    I have a Son serving in Iraq. These photos make me sad, and proud at the same time. When will it end?? God, I hope soon…..

  60. Krishna said

    Some people don’t know what they are doing…Try to win hearts atleast….Plz

  61. morfi said


  62. Jerry , You deserve a standing ovation for putting this together. Outstanding and incredible work buddy. Congrats


  63. thrower said

    The American government is pouring billions of dollars into this effort of “nation building”, as one poster put it, while our own nation is broken. Where do you think that money is going? The epidemics of homelessness, poverty, lack of quality educational opportunities and health care are eroding our society. We can’t even put New Orleans back together! BILLIONS of dollars pissed away in an effort to force the American way on a people who don’t really want it. Or need it.

    The people at the top of the US government are profit and power driven. Forget about freedoms’ ring. We are in Iraq because someone is making money from it. We are in Iraq so you can fill your gas tank tomorrow. So you can go buy a trunk full of stuff from Wal-mart.

    Park your cars, be kind to your neighbors and vote with your dollars, not with an ink pen.

  64. thrower said

    For the record, I am a former infantryman and member of the presidential honor guard, honorably discharged.

  65. Ben Radder said

    we all scream peace!!! So why dont we just gather all our troops bring them home keep our nose out of everyones bizz and just put the troops on our boarders. And have all non citizens get out!!! we are the most powerful country in the nation but we dont need to show it. I think we need to take care of our people and forget about all the others. let them fight there own fights. And we should worry about all the starving kids and adults here not in other countries. if they come here then we do what we have to for our people.

  66. Jerry said

    Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to me:
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door.

    Ben, these are the words on the plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty. I agree to the fact of keeping the soldiers to own soil. Yes yours is the world’s most powerful country, so that also puts you in an obligation to help others. Remember help the neighbor in the a righteous way, else the fire in his home will spread to your home.

    “And have all non citizens get out!!!” how can you say that, and claim that you are the most powerful nation. Remember its the size of our hearts that make us the most powerful and not the size of our guns.

    Come, visit any third world country, see the things that are done to people and how they live. I’m sure you wont sleep a day after that with peace. We never asked for war, nor did we ever ask for power. All the the common man ever wanted was a place with peace, a better world. He dreams of it as a child and dies dreaming his children would have a better place to live.

    No offenses meant, my friend Ben, just that you are yet to face life and the world. Its bitter than the Budweiser, trust me!!!

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  68. rich said

    where did the pictures go???????????????

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