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Groping at Gandhi Ashram

Posted by Jerry on 10:36 - February 19, 2008

I have to say it was very comforting to read the news about a foreign tourist being molested by drunk youngsters at the Gandhi Ashram in Ahmedabad, in the morning paper. Ironically they were viewing the photographs of the Indian freedom struggle when they found found themselves struggling for their dignity.

Well what happened was totally against Gandhi’s dreams and what followed was violence. One of the youngster damaged Gandhi’s photos and was later beaten up(castration could have been better), the pther escaped. No complaint was lodged keeping in mind the sanctity of the place.

Is Gandhism dead? Doesn’t his principles and teachings hold no value any more? Was He just meant to liberate us from the British Raj so that we could freely molest our women? Why is Indian Youth forgetting that they are the pillars or the country?Is bad parenting to blame?

He dreamt of an India safe for women, and what did we finally deliver? Strip teasing women in public and marry off couples in public(thanks to Bajrang Dal the whooping marriage cost is avoided). Celebrating Gandhi Jayanthi would be more insulting now.

Ask anyone if Gandhi’s teaching hold any value and 90% will say Yes. But does it really? Ask yourself…

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Valentine’s Day Contemplations

Posted by Jerry on 5:29 - February 14, 2008

“You don’t have to get me a red-rose. I’m already yours!!!”, well i still don’t know if that was a trick question or not that she threw at me. All i asked her, “Shall i give you a red-rose?”

Or rather i wasn’t supposed to ask anything like that. May be it was stupid cupid playing the role of the culprit. How the hell would i ever know what she meant? Cant they just ask us what they want rather than using virtual pointers. We run Java, pointers are not an option and why else do you think we date so many and never result in garbled memory. The core is never dumped.(2 years with IT industry this is all that i have left in my mind)

Sandy had said it the right way,

“And they say, love makes the world go round.
It sure does, in damned circles of nothingness.”

Inspired from Love and his post on Nothingness, came my two posts Second in Love and Second in Love – The Closure, two close to reality stories. 3 in fact!

Trust me “Guys who are Single”, the world will be mean to you, but once SHE is there in your life, your life can never get meaner. Jokes apart they do bring in a sense of orderliness if your really serious. I have seen that in people. They change overnight. Power of Love, they say, Power of HER i say.

Some people really live their life out on LOVE. They forget that they have a life that’s precious and they forget it. All the sweet words that you might have said and those moments that you cherished are all good. But once you break-up, you need to move on. Kambath Ishq, is to be blamed? No dude. Its you at blame’s end. Move on!!!

GUYs never ever on a very special day, especially on this day, tell her that you will get food from outside. You can never be convincing enough and wont sound sweet to her at all. Trust me all that She would hear would be, “I cant eat the carp that you prepare everyday! I need a break at least today. So lets eat outside”. Let her to decide. Its the safest bet. Watch “Pyaar Ke Side-Effects”, its a nice start for beginners.

As a parting gift, here is my 2 cents – Never trust someone who says, “I cant live without YOU! You’re my life”. Thats the biggest lie in the world.

And with all these said, I wonder why i’m still here in office on Valentine Day’s eve, working. She hasn’t called either. He phone is not reachable too…

(This post is now abruptly stopped. There has been a Fire Alarm at my office and Its a fake!!! Somebody got too steamy in love on V-Day i guess.;) )

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07 – India – 08 Report

Posted by Jerry on 0:30 - January 7, 2008

2007, India turned 60 and yet She has the vigor and sensuality of a 16 year old. She still has the tenacity and the power to indulge herself in anything. Indians have grown at a tremendous pace in the last 5 years.

2007 bids good bye with the threat of another election looming at large. The Nuclear deal with US is proving to be a bit costly for the Indian National Congress lead UPA Govt. With Gujarat and Himachal polls suggesting that Congress rule at the center is loosing steam, they cant afford to go on an early election. BJP did it and they lost. The question of aam aadmi, is likely to prove costly for INC. There are enough over-the-teacup discussions on politics, lets move on..

In the name of GOD, still proves to be a hindrance in development process, with politicos going to the extend of deliberately forgetting the fact about a Secular state. Wounds of past events are kept fresh. The sad part is that, even the highly educated people fall for such roadblocks. Education is still not able to curb the differences. Yes the literacy rate is up for the Nation from approx 52% in 1991 to 65% in the 2001 census. But yet we heard about infanticide in some of our modern cities.

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2008 We scored 2+1+’A whole hostel’

Posted by Jerry on 10:31 - January 4, 2008

If it was the New Year’s eve on 31st Dec 2006 that in Mumbai ‘we’ strip searched a girl, we just made sure that we area  ‘progressive’ nation. This New Year’s eve we did 2. Way to go …
Are we Indians so sexually frustrated so that we behave worse than dogs. How will these people ever understand that its because of this attitude that they dont stand a chance with any girl and have to be frustrated all the time. Perverts!!!
Now that molestation is the new media key word. IBN Live has some interesting facts – One estimate says a woman is raped every 32 minutes, murdered every 22 minutes, and molested every 15 minutes in India.
There are reports from all around India –
Patna had its share of boys barging into girls hostel, and in Kochi, people molest 15 year old Swedish Tourist.
They should all be caught and castrated!!!

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Literacy can be a PIA…

Posted by Jerry on 22:48 - December 5, 2007

PIA is Pain In Ass and not Pakistan International Airlines.

Being a Mallu or Malayali (not being offensive in any way by calling myself a Mallu), i’m proud that when it comes to literacy we are doing fairly good as a state. So when this article came to my attention – 300% increase in violence against women in India’s most literate state – i did feel very bad. Being literate we were supposed to be as a model for others to follow and we all together portraying a wrong picture here.

But the i saw the other angle of that. They reached that statistics coz women in Kerala realized the power of law and that there are laws that protect them from domestic violence. They approached the law when in need. The clause that caught me is – “cases files”.

So all those state that say that there is only a marginal increase in domestic violence or that the stats have fallen, RETHINK!!! It could be because that people dont know about the law. Tell them about the law and then lets see.

Even though the report said all that about Kerala, it still quotes this –

But change could happen fast in Kerala, thanks to high levels of literacy. Greater awareness, redressal mechanisms, etc. could help women move forward, as has been seen in recent times.

Thats why i say Literacy can be a real Pain in the Ass at times

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Damn you senseless prick…

Posted by Jerry on 23:12 - November 20, 2007

Whats wrong with people? Well nothing. They are just as lovable as anyone else until they start driving. I still dont get it, with the vast majority of Bangaloreans being techies, who create marvels in the tech sphere, with all the brain and talent pool concentration than any where else, we surprisingly act so dumb on road.

The police is bent on even taking 10rs as bribe and wont issue a ticket. The bikes go on the foot paths, cars wont let you overtake through the right side, and buses that only go through the middle of the road with no concern for others… i’m just about had enough with the whole mess.

I’m now determined, even if i get beaten up, i will smash the next b***h or the next son of a b***h who tires to mes with me on the road. Having picked up the first fight against a car driver who wanted to take a U-turn a jammed junction.

What is the point in complaining? When a person who held one of the highest position in India along with is son, puts power in the front line than the welfare of the people, chaos is there to reign.

No wonder why they have their flag as red and yellow. Yellow to slow down development and red to arrest any growth. A f**king whore could do better. Right now i’m totally pissed with the completely impotent nature of this rich and vibrant place.

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In the company of a Beauty…

Posted by Jerry on 20:05 - September 20, 2007

Who doesnt love to be in the company of beautiful damsels? Well he has to be a homosexual or a ‘ball-less’ man. Considering atleast 95% of men does not fall into that category, i see no reason as to which one should disagree with my views.

The hips, the curves, the looks, everything has been made to perfection. You are left agape watching those whom you cant flirt with and you stretch the limits of flirting every time you get a chance to. Inadvertently while i’m accused by other competent males for being, well lets say a little more than an uber flirt, i enjoy every step that i go through to reach that goal of flirting. As one of my friends put it “Flirting is good for Health“.

Starting of by mere gandering, marking targets, then going on to make it a point that you purposely go to the place that you see them (the targets). Trying your best so that they notice you, then trying to throw a smile at them, getting ignored, again trying and then finally managing to get the first conversation with them.

Its all fun and each time a game of roulette. Losing and embarrassment in front of your friends, savoring the look on their face when they see you with the ‘catch’. Oh man!!!

Lately when i got assigned to the new project, i hit cloud 9 after all the new work environment was what i was looking for in all my professional career. The last team was like, camels staring at an oasis (not the best of my allegory), this one is like the theme of AXE ads, just that its all opposite.

I was starting to enjoy myself, especially after i found that the girl that i used to admire a lot, was sitting in the next cubicle. But not for long.Tragedy struck last day, when oil was spilled on my sunny lill’ private beach. The last of the hopes, the last of the fading glimmer was brutally taken .. no it was snatched away from me by the clutches of fate and misfortune.

I never though that Bad luck will play such an bad gimmick  with me. All the consonance in my life has been disturbed, every thing that i ever built has been changed by the vicissitudes of fortune. Under the guise of happiness i lost everything, the visage was a mere vision of illusion. – I will be shifted to a different wing.

Its a “bald-field” there, workaholics with a thousand hands tearing up the keyboards apart. Nooooooo

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Techie 106, Not Out!!!

Posted by Jerry on 9:41 - September 19, 2007

Wondering how far the IT (Information Tech. not Income Tax🙂 ) sector in India has grown? If You felt, it left a deep impression on the Indian society, doubt not, you’re right .

Meet Rosakutty from Kerala.

No idea which tabloid/news-paper reported this, so cant back on the authenticity of the news, but its interesting enough.

Hail India !!!

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16 or 61 ??? WTF!!!

Posted by Jerry on 11:59 - August 17, 2007

Daily Mail – We’re 16 from the back but nearer 61 from the front

WOW !!! but wait …

I’m depressed .. Cant even approach a girl by her looks😦

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What is it with us?

Posted by Jerry on 17:13 - July 24, 2007

So sad that this is happening again.

Babies’ bodies found in abandoned well

People grow up !!!

Krishashok has some interesting points at Mytiny -Men need to start getting pregnant soon

Do these people with room temperature IQs even realize that they are committing male infanticide as much as female infanticide? Here is my message to these people – “If you want to continue to try and eliminate women from the face of India, you had better do these two things first:

  • Start fancying other men
  • Figure out a way to get pregnant. The last time 2 men made a baby in India – Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva made Ayyappa. The guys who create the Makara Jyothi miracle annually might help figuring this one out

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